think-cell is the leading developer of graphics software to improve professional slide production in Microsoft PowerPoint. Our software automates the creation of charts and layouts to make working with PowerPoint easier, faster, and more enjoyable. More than 600,000 users worldwide at 12,000 companies rely on our software for their daily business, because it allows them to produce perfectly placed great-looking charts within minutes. Among our customers are not only 8 of the top 10 consulting companies, but also 65 of the top 100 US blue chip companies and 9 of the top 10 business schools. Without the think-cell software, creating slides in Microsoft PowerPoint is painstaking. Frequently used chart types and graphical elements are missing and there is nearly no automatic placement. Usually, you end up manually updating numbers and pushing around shapes. think-cell puts an end to this. While you comfortably work in your familiar PowerPoint environment it brings you 40+ chart types like Waterfall, Gantt, Marimekkos and Agenda. It also comes with dozens of data-driven visual enhancements and other unique features. Meanwhile, our software is smoothly integrated within the PowerPoint ribbon and 100% compatible. Charts created with our software and shared with pure PowerPoint users remain data-driven and changeable as if they had been created with standard PowerPoint. And it saves time: A study with one of the leading consulting firms proved that using the think-cell software saves you 70% of your net working time. "Thank you, think-cell, for sponsoring the Standard C++ Foundation and challenging our Microsoft compiler team with complex C++ code"​, says Herb Sutter, President of the Standard C++ Foundation. think-cell is based in the heart of Germany’s capital, Berlin. Computer Science PhDs Markus Hannebauer and Arno Schödl founded the company in 2002 and are still managing it today.