Smart Host was founded 2016 in order to provide hoteliers with the world’s most user-friendly CRM System. Hotels have got pretty out of sync with their guests. In a high-speed digital world, third parties - like online travel agencies - have hijacked those direct interactions that used to go on between hotels and guests. Only thing is, these third parties never meet the guest face-to-face, meaning that customer experience suffers. Hotels, on the other hand, know their guests personally. They get to know how someone likes their coffee, what sports they're into, which spa treatments they enjoy, and how often they go hiking. Smart Host lets hotels use this knowledge in a systematic way. The hotel can re-establish direct interactions, the guest gets a better customer experience, and everyone wins. This process happens completely automatically and in the background. Smart Host uses the most advanced methods of data segmentation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and automatic communication systems. The result is an improved customer experience and communication, which turns into more direct bookings and increased profitability. Our team is diverse, international and highly motivated. Our software's DNA is made up of the best ideas from some of the industry's top data scientists, software engineers and interaction designers. But what we all have in common is that we care about our customers and users. Smart Host, the world’s most user-friendly CRM System.
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